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Welcome to The Marrying Man.

Love ❤️ is Love!

I am a gay officiant ordained through both Universal life and AMM. I enjoy doing simple commitment ceremonies and sign and go. I am located in NC. I do not mind traveling close by and only to states and cities . That are 💯 ok with being ordained online to officiate. 

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The Marrying Man

Hi everyone, I can't wait to officiate for you all.

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The Marrying Man.

Love ❤️ is Love.

In 2000, after a number of life changing conversations with friends and family, I decided to launch The Marrying Man.. Since then, I have put my heart and soul into this blog, sharing my thoughts and beliefs on life beyond the mundane.

Like many of you on the spiritual path, hard times and painful life experiences have brought me to realize the value of connecting with a higher power. I believe that you can find meaning and joy anywhere. My hope is that the site’s articles will bring you one step closer to self-transformation.

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Email or cell text is best.

Officiant here ordained through both Universal life and AMM.

South Carolina, USA


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Welcome to The Marrying Man.

Reaching Higher Ground

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